Bucking the trend

As print circulations fall, editors come under pressure to make cuts and lately, more often than not, it’s cartoonists who are first to kneel before the chopping block. The Mirror, having recently axed the popular Horace strip cartoon – it had been running for twenty six years – has now cut Kerber and Black’s input […]

Kashmiri cartoonist faces down Facebook over censorship

The social networking giant Facebook removed a political cartoon (shown here) posted by Kashmiri cartoonist Mir Suhail and barred him from his popular fan site on Tuesday, February 9.  A Facebook official notified Suhail that the cartoon had been censored for “violating community standards.”  The cartoon in question shows roots from the grave of Afzal Guru, […]

Jules Feiffer – tribute to a polymath

Drawing by the time he was three, Jules Feiffer has gone on to enjoy a multi-faceted career as a cartoonist, playwright, novelist, historian, screenwriter, political commentator and illustrator, picking up an Oscar and a Pulitzer along the way.     The great man recently celebrated his 87th birthday but continues to write, draw and attend […]

Palestinian cartoonists ‘exposed’ by website provocateurs

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, an affiliate of the International Federation of Journalists, has accused a scurrilous website group of promoting the assault of journalists by posting the unfounded claim that 24 named Palestinians — including 15 journalists and bloggers — are supporters of terrorism. Political cartoonists Osama Nazzal, Marwa Alhelo and Mohammad Saba’aneh (pictured) are among those […]