A name up in prints

Bloghorn is pleased to see that Royston Robertson, one of our writers, is the new cartoonist of the month at Prospect magazine. You can read the interview with him here.  Fittingly it was published on April 1st. Along with many of his colleagues from the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, Royston will be taking part in the […]

Artist of the Month – Robert Duncan

Bloghorn asked Robert Duncan, our Artist of the Month for February, how he sees the future for cartoonists in the digital age. The future is fantastic. More and more, clients will want the hand drawn non-computery art for it’s simplicity and pure cleverness. Walls will be decorated with the clarity of a few lines, and television ads will […]

101 uses for a cartoon

Whilst some other Sunday newspapers are cutting back on their cartoons, the Sunday Times has expanded its cartoon content with the inclusion of 101 Uses for a Celebrity. The regular  feature will appear in the Style section and is drawn by The Surreal McCoy, a former Bloghorn Artist of the Month and a member of the […]

Artist of the month – Robert Duncan

This month’ featured cartoonist on Bloghorn is Robert Duncan. He told us how he likes to produce his work: I always pencil out the cartoon, ink it in with a cheapo Pilot pen, then photocopy it. That turns the 90% black to 100% – and removes all the cut-out corrections/Tippex/patches etc. I then colour them in my […]

Artist of the Month – Tim Harries

Tim Harries, Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month Tim Harries reveals the names of other artists who have inspired him: I think my favourite form of cartooning is the newspaper comic strip and there are plenty of cartoonists in this field I admire. The worlds they created and the quality work they produced over decades is […]

Artist of the Month – Tim Harries

Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month, cartoonist Tim Harries, gives his tips for would-be cartoonists: Keep practicing. Nothing wrong with copying other people’s work for practice if you want to learn, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as your own. You’ll find your own style as you progress. If you’re aiming to […]

Artist of the Month – Tim Harries

Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month is freelance cartoonist Tim Harries. We asked Tim how he produced his cartoons. Nearly all my work is done digitally these days. I say nearly, since I still produce my daily strip using traditional methods (in my case – pencils, Staedtler Pigment Liners, Pitt brush pens and a nice bit […]

Artist of the Month – Tim Harries

The Bloghorn Artist of the Month for November is Tim Harries. Tim is a freelance cartoonist whose clients Readers Digest UK and USA, Punch, New Statesman, Oink, The Sun, The Star, Future Publishing, Grant Thornton, Nelson Thornes, Kodak and many others. Bloghorn asked Tim what made him decide to become a cartoonist. Despite obsessing over […]

Artist of the Month – Chichi Parish

In our last chat with Artist of the Month Chichi Parish Bloghorn asked if she had any hot tips for wannabe cartoonists? Be curious, experiment, knowledge-share, join online forums, try all sorts of digital or traditional media until you find one which sings your song. Never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how dumb […]