Artist of the month – Robert Duncan

Bloghorn_cartoon on Respect ©Robert_Duncan_No2-400x400

This month’ featured cartoonist on Bloghorn is Robert Duncan. He told us how he likes to produce his work:

I always pencil out the cartoon, ink it in with a cheapo Pilot pen, then photocopy it. That turns the 90% black to 100% – and removes all the cut-out corrections/Tippex/patches etc. I then colour them in my quite limited palette of Copic Markers and scan them quickly before they start fading…

He also told us about a few cartoonists he personally admires. 

My biggest cartoonist hero was Wally Fawkes (Trog). Loved his stuff right from the early Flook strips in the fifties. Whatever happened to Moses Maggot and Sir Cloggy Bile? I met the man at the Daily Mail once. A big moment, especially when he smeared his ink because he’d tried to rub out the pencil lines too quickly – and I can do that. Second favourite is our very own Noel Ford. I love his easy line and great humour. I still haven’t met him…

There will be more from our talk to Robert here next Friday. You can check out our archives of previous featured artists here and here.

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