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by Royston

Snap! A Cartoon Pick of the Week Special

January 28, 2010 in General

Bloghorn notices that when political cartoonists pick the same targets, they often pick the same jokes, or at least variations on a similar theme.

This can be seen in the national press today as three heavyweight cartoonists give their take on Lord Goldsmith appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war.

One: Peter Brookes in The Times suggests he was leant on

Two: Steve Bell in The Guardian thinks pressure was applied

Three: Dave Brown in The Independent on suggests arm-twisting

Of course, all these cartoonists are working at the same time, operating under the same time pressures – there’s no suggestion of copying! – which makes it all the more a fascinating insight into the way cartoonists’ minds work. Thanks to Andy Davey for drawing it to our attention.

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by Royston

Joke cartoons show opens

January 27, 2010 in General


The Only Joking! exhibition, a collection of gag cartoons old and new, opened at the Cartoon Museum in London today (Jan 27).

The show is designed to raise spirits in the deep winter with a few much-needed hearty chuckles, though when PCOer Martin Honeysett attended the private view yesterday he found that many people were clearly at home nursing winter colds (like this Bloghorn writer!)

Martin said: “I suppose the sparcity of cartoonists in the pub beforehand should have indicated the smallness of the throng attending. Never mind, all the better to get a good view of the fine work on display, extolling the virtues of this form of comic art and the lack of current appreciation.

“It’s a nice mix of old and new and an opportunity to see some gems from the museum collection. Well worth a visit.”

So, sup up your Lemsip (other cold remedies are available) and get down to the Cartoon Museum in Little Russell Street before the exhibition ends on March 1. For more details visit the website.

by Royston

Chris Burke to talk at illustrators group

January 25, 2010 in General

Detail from Norwich, created for Ottakar’s bookshops by Chris Burke

PCOer Chris Burke is guest speaker at the Brighton Illustrators Group meeting on 28th January. His talk takes place at the Eagle pub, 125 Gloucester Rd, at 8pm. Chris tells us what he has planned:

I’ll be taking an illustrated canter through 25 years of doodling. I’ll start by explaining why I gave up a perfectly good job as an art director in advertising. I swapped what Orwell called “rattling a stick in a bucket of swill” for the gilded life of a pencil squeezer.

I shall lightly glide over the following year which I spent in Penury (for you non-Londoners that’s between Camberwell and Streatham) then on to my Damascene journey to the West of Ireland where I came back with a pile of drawings and something verging on a style.

At this point, providing not too many people have been carried out in a narcoleptic coma I’ll recount my charmed life as a lucky bastard, how my first two jobs were for the Radio Times and Penguin books.

The second half, provided the paramedics don’t have stretchers piled in the narrow stairwell of this ancient public house at this point, will mainly be about Ottakar’s Bookshops and my part in their downfall. Cursed with more good fortune, I could draw pretty much what I wanted in the huge shop murals for each town.

I can only remember having to change three of about eighty or so pictures: Norwich, above, where someone mistook Kazuo Ishiguro for Ronnie Corbett; Slough, where I depicted Sir John Betjeman flying through the clouds with the words of his famously friendly poem extruding from his rear; and finally Weston-super-Mare, where I portayed their Baron, a lovely bloke called Jeffrey Archer.

Alas those days of endless work are now gone, sic transit … talking of which, did someone call an ambulance?

LINK: Brighton Illustrators Group

The week in Bloghorn tweets – Jan 22

January 22, 2010 in Comment

Foghorn for Cartoon of the WeekThis week Bloghorn saw:

  • An awful lot of hype about the much vaunted Apple tablet computer. The official launch is 27th January and it will be a relief to get it over with and to the point where we can have some reviews about whether the thing will be worth the money. The official launch invite hints at a rather arty and painterly device which might be handy for cartoonists.
  • We pondered how free the information you get on the internet is? No, it isn’t very is it? We’re all paying through the nose for ‘free’ information.
  • And we smiled at least two UK cartoon exhibitions or sales which you will read about below this post 🙂 or at The Bloghorn.

by Royston

Cartoon bargains on sale at gallery

January 21, 2010 in General

Cartoons by the likes of Ed McLachlan, above, Matt, Nick Newman, Mac, and Tony Husband, can be acquired at a bargain price in the Chris Beetles Gallery’s Sale 2010 which opens in London this weekend.

For more details on the Sale, which also includes illustration work and watercolours, visit the Chris Beetles Gallery website.

Striker goes Nuts

January 20, 2010 in General

Football-themed comic strip Striker is to transfer to lads-mag Nuts. Cartoonist Pete Nash’s strip was originally drawn in 2D  and first appeared in the Sun in 1985. It became the first UK computer-generated 3D strip in 1998. Following an on-off relationship with The Sun newspaper in recent years, and a brief venture as a stand-alone comic from 2003 to 2005, Striker will become a full-page weekly strip in Nuts from 26th January.

by Royston

Original Ogri cartoon artwork for sale

January 18, 2010 in General

Cartoonist Paul Sample is to auction around 500 pieces of original artwork from his strip Ogri, which he created in 1967 and has featured in Bike magazine for 35 years.

The Telegraph website has the full story. Ogri has also featured prominently in Telegraph Motoring.

Ogri is a great example of a cartoon that works wonders for the profile of its niche publication while remaining accessible and popular. As Sample himself says: “Most people think Ogri is about biking but it’s not, it’s about life in general. The inspiration comes from riding my bike, talking to people in the pub or things on the news.”

Bloghorn hopes other niche publications will take note and consider commissioning such strips. There are plenty of cartoonists in the PCO, which runs this blog, with pens poised, ready to draw them.

The week in Bloghorn tweets: January 15

January 15, 2010 in General

Foghorn for Cartoon of the WeekThe week in some short links.

British comic artist Bryan Talbot released a flood of original artwork with a direct sale to market at his website. Bloghorn was pleased to see this, as direct sale to fans seems like a very sensible way to make a living from drawing in these hard economic times.

Comics veteran Jack Kirby’s battle to claim copyright of his character creations for Marvel comics ran into a stonewall corporate response. Bloghorn was unsurprised to see this results from not having been clear about what was being “sold” as regards rights from the original drawings. The moral for visual creators is to know your rights and get them stated in black and white when the job is agreed. (Also, earn a lot of money and be able to employ a good lawyer.)

And Warren Ellis pointed us in the direction of a show in London that we did not know about … have a look see.

You can follow the UK ProCartoonists through Bloghorn on Twitter day-to-day.

Updated on 16th Jan 2010: There was some appalling spelling in this piece which was cheerfully and helpfully pointed out by some of our members from the PCO (which runs Bloghorn). Our thanks and apologies to Steve Bright and Andy Davey, not to mention anyone else who had the misfortune to read the original version.

by Royston

Joke cartoons to lift the winter blues

January 11, 2010 in General

pak_joking An exhibition entitled Only Joking! is at the Cartoon Museum, London, from January 27 until March 1. The show is billed as a collection of joke cartoons old and new designed to raise spirits in the deep winter. Meanwhile, you have until January 24 to catch 30 Years of Viz at the museum. For more, visit the website.

by Royston

Times cartoonist moves to the Mail

January 9, 2010 in General

Jonathan Pugh's self-portraitJonathan Pugh, self-portrait above, who has been pocket cartoonist at The Times for 15 years, is moving to the Daily Mail.

A member of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, which runs the Bloghorn, Jonathan takes over from Ken Mahood who is retiring. The Mail has a profile of Jonathan, in which he outlines his working process:

“My cartoons have always been about everyday life, so they’re gentle and not nasty. I like to address the things that affect the quality of readers’ lives. The simplest jokes are always the best.”

Read more here