Original Ogri cartoon artwork for sale

Cartoonist Paul Sample is to auction around 500 pieces of original artwork from his strip Ogri, which he created in 1967 and has featured in Bike magazine for 35 years.

The Telegraph website has the full story. Ogri has also featured prominently in Telegraph Motoring.

Ogri is a great example of a cartoon that works wonders for the profile of its niche publication while remaining accessible and popular. As Sample himself says: “Most people think Ogri is about biking but it’s not, it’s about life in general. The inspiration comes from riding my bike, talking to people in the pub or things on the news.”

Bloghorn hopes other niche publications will take note and consider commissioning such strips. There are plenty of cartoonists in the PCO, which runs this blog, with pens poised, ready to draw them.

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