Bloghornery – June 2010

Things the Foghorn saw this month… Musical comedian and sometime Oink! cartoonist Frank Sidebottom’s creator Chris Sievey has died. New museum for cartoon illustrator Heath Robinson has opened in Pinner, North London. The US comic strip Little Orphan Annie (probably better known over here for the musical version, Annie) has finally come to the end of […]

Tristram Shandy redux

Shy and retiring soul that he is, The Guardian’s own Martin Rowson would blanch at the thought that Bloghorn would puff his upcoming talk at the London Literature Festival on 3rd July, but we feel it’s our duty as he is a fellow PCO member. The subject at hand is the reissue of his graphic-novelisation […]

Review: Ray Lowry – London Calling

“What the hell are you wrecking your room for? We own the hotel chain” Royston Robertson reviews the exhibition Ray Lowry – London Calling which is at the Idea Generation Gallery in East London until July 4. This show is being promoted largely with artworks created by well-known names as a tribute to the Clash’s […]

Modern Toss makes a display of itself

An exhibition put together by the makers of the cartoon magazine Modern Toss opens at the Maverik Showroom in London tomorrow (June 22). If you’re not familiar with Modern Toss, it is an adult magazine that divides opinion. To some it’s the cutting edge of dark humour, to others it’s a load of scribbled cartoons […]

Cartoons Calling: Ray Lowry and The Clash

Bloghorn recommends the new exhibition of cartoonist Ray Lowry’s work at the Idea Generation Gallery at Shoreditch in London. Do watch the BBC preview of the exhibition – packed with some great cartoons and visual reportage from Lowry’s work with The Clash in the late 70s and early 1980’s.

Foghorn cartoon magazine – Issue 45

The new issue of Foghorn, the cartoon magazine of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, has been published. Featuring a cover by the PCO’s Andrew Birch (and a back cover by Higgins), Foghorn is available to subscribers for the modest sum of £30 for six full colour issues delivered to your door. What’s inside? Money in the […]

BBC plays Rude Britannia

You can watch BBC Four’s take on the theme of Rude Britannia, which ties in with the exhibition of the same name at Tate Britain, just click the picture. The documentary is one hour long. Parts two and three can be seen tonight and tomorrow night on BBC Four or on the iPlayer.

Oh say, can you see that II?

Following our recent post on Apple and control of digital content, The New York Times reports on another example of editing of drawn content. These issues around the suitablity of content mirror old arguments about what can be published in print. They are now being fought over what is acceptable inside the digital applications published […]

Cartoonist's football song gets animated

A football song created by the cartoonist Mike Barfield has been used as the soundtrack to a World Cup animation by another cartoonist, Patrick Blower. As everyone seems to be releasing Eng-er-land football songs these days, it’s probably no surprise that there’s one by a cartoonist. But while most are all about flag-waving optimism, the […]