Shrewsbury Cartoon 2011 – Who’s going?

Bloghorn can announce the full line up of attending Cartoonists for the 2011 Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. More than 40 of the finest cartoonists from the UK are this year joined by Graeme Keyes, Tom Matthews, Jim Cogan, Tom Halliday and Jon Berkeley our guests from Ireland. Three cartoon exhibitions – Joking for Gold by Giles […]

Small steps at indie comics expo

Cartoonist Tim Harries took a table at the first London Comic and Small Press Expo, at Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London, to sell his wares. He tells us about his experience: Unofficially a replacement for the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing , the organisers picked an impressive venue to debut the Expo, in a […]

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 2011 Map

The 2011 Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival is almost upon us and  visitors can expect a packed weekend of activities in the heart of the medieval town. The main event weekend is April 16th-17th but many shows and exhibitions open in advance  and Bloghorn has attached details to this handy map. Enlarge the map The festival has been running since […]

Budget paper cuts

Cartoonist Ben Jennings is offering up some of the folding stuff for Chancellor George Osborne’s budget this week. Ben’s paper toys all have a quirky parodic use with a Budget box for your spare change, a student protester Post-it note holder and a George Osborne scissors holder. The ‘‘Cuts’’ exhibition is a collaboration of 16 young […]

Say 'I do' to Marriage à la Mode

A cartoon exhibition looking at all aspects of married life – for better, for worse – opens at the Cartoon Museum in London this Wednesday (March 23). Cartoon above by Pak As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare to tie the knot on April 29, Marriage à la Mode: Royals and Commoners In and Out […]

Rising from the ashes

Remember the DFC, the short-lived subscription-only comic weekly? Well, it looks like it might be returning…sort of. Many of the DFC’s former artists and writers including Philip Pullman, Laura Howell, Gary Northfield, Garen Ewing, and the PCO‘s own Wilbur Dawbarn attended what may have been the launch party for The Phoenix in Oxford. Although details […]

Japanese Nuclear Boy

Artist Kazuhiko Hachiya has made an animated short to help explain the ongoing nuclear crisis to Japanese children. The clip’s title character, Nuclear Boy, plays the role of the ill child representing Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Reaction to the colorful clip has been mixed, with some folks calling it distasteful and others arguing it makes […]

In praise of the gag cartoon

Whenever the media spotlight is turned on cartoons it is often those of a political variety. These cartoons shout the loudest and have news impact. But Bloghorn writer Royston Robertson thinks it’s time to speak up for its more modest cousin: the gag cartoon. I have been drawing gag cartoons for the magazine market for about […]

Smiley and the Smurks

Love them or hate them, if you use digital technology you will have met Smiley,  and the other emoticons. The ubiquitous graphic images,  which are generated by pronunciation marks in sequence as a code, or are small graphic images, are a widely used form of visual shorthand designed to aid digital communication. Now, US cartoonist […]