Shrewsbury Cartoon 2011 – Who’s going?

Bloghorn can announce the full line up of attending Cartoonists for the 2011 Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.
More than 40 of the finest cartoonists from the UK are this year joined by Graeme Keyes, Tom Matthews, Jim Cogan, Tom Halliday and Jon Berkeley our guests from Ireland.

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

Three cartoon exhibitions – Joking for Gold by GilesPersonal Bests – and Give us a Sporting Chance open next week in the town and the Smile-A-Thon Trail will lead visitors from venue to venue.

Ian Ellery, Andy Gilbert, Angela Martin and Paul Hardman will be running the free drawing workshops while Jacky Fleming and Chichi Parish will be playing script doctors in a series of Cartoon Clinics. (Get the details on our map.)

And after all the drawing education Gill Hudson , Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest, along with Martin Colyer, the magazine’s Design Director, and Steve Way, Cartoon Editor, will be offering an advice session for aspiring artists called What Makes a Good Cartoon? and Cath Tate will talk about Getting Published.

© John Roberts

Caricaturists Alex HughesTim LeatherbarrowJohn Roberts and Helen Martin will be plying their skills in the Square alongside The Big Boards.

And this is where you’ll find Bill StottPete DredgeSteve BrightMartin HoneysettMatt Buck (Hack Cartoons)Royston Robertson, The Surreal McCoy, Robert DuncanRosie BrooksCathy SimpsonJanis GoodmanClive GoddardNathan Ariss and Steve Best all of whom will be making enormous cartoons over the course of Friday and Saturday.

Dr Nick Hiley from the British Cartoon Archive will be talking about his day job of saving great art for the nation while Andy Davey of The Sun and Peter Schrank of The Independent will be going head-to-head over matters of contemporary news and politics.

We can‘t disclose what the the script of the  live Melodrawma is but we understand Roger Penwill, Bill Stott, Noel Ford and Pete Dredge will all be involved.

Bloghorn has made a handy Shrewsbury calendar to help you plan your way around the events of the weekend of 16th and 17th April. It should go nicely with our map.

It will be a packed weekend with a lively and growing fringe of unofficial events and many other visiting artists. If you are planning to come along, please let us know in the comments.

Shrewsbury Tourism can help you out with advice on accomodation and transport. Bloghorn says see you there.

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