Legal wildlife hunts Oatmeal

Last week we noted that Matthew Inman, writer of the Oatmeal, a popular US web comic, was being pursued by the threat of lawsuit following an unusual exchange of letters about copyright claims and intellectual property infringements.

The lawyer making claim against Inman, Charles Carreon, is acting for FunnyJunk, an online content aggregator, and he has now published the lengthy 45 page lawsuit at his website. In response, San Francisco based digital free speech lobbyists, the Electronic Frontier Foundation have announced they are now to have a part in representing Inman. This strange web comic case seems set to grow into a serious battle about the right to express cartoon or comic opinion on digital publishing platforms. The last link, published at The Guardian, and taking a wider look at the problems of online opinion, is credited to Canadian journalist Danny Bradbury.

The Washington Post also report the story and Andrew Orlowski of the Register explains some of the underlying issues about difficulties in challenging copyright infringement.

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