The post-Christmas Round-up

The gifts may have been exchanged and the turkey polished off, but there’s still time for a few festive treats of the cartooning variety that may have escaped your attention over the Christmas period. You can enjoy every installment of Peattie and Taylor‘s 15-part seasonal Alex tale, It’s A Wonderful Crisis, as it unfolds over […]

Fine scones and lessons

There now follows an extract from a recent Radio 4 programme by Mr Andrew Marr. * ** This unbroadcast segment from a Start the Week interview was with Gordon and Muriel Wellbeloved, members of the House of Laity within the Church of England. Marr Well, good morning both and I’ll get right to the point – the […]

The Round-up

They said it would be the end of the world, but they were wrong … The Dandy is still with us (albeit in digital form), as mentioned here last week. There is, however, a documentary on 75 years of the comic, Just Dandy, showing on BBC One on New Year’s Eve, featuring contributions from the […]

Christmas is a time for sharing

We are taught that Christmas is a time for sharing and this habit has been institutionalised with the gifts of the social media. If you will forgive the spirit of “Bah humbug’”, we spotted a revealing story about what social-media sharing can mean for those image makers who choose to use such free services. The picture-sharing […]

End of an era at Private Eye

Private Eye magazine says farewell to its longtime art director Tony Rushton tomorrow, with a party near its offices in Soho, London. Tony has been with the magazine for 50 years, joining at issue 11, and is responsible for the old-school “cut n’ paste” look to which Britain’s leading satirical magazine has doggedly stuck over […]

The Round-up

Axel Scheffler, the illustrator best known for his work on the Gruffalo books, has produced the designs for Royal Mail’s Christmas stamps this year. Scheffler talks to the BBC about this latest commission, and looks back at his early work, in this short video. After widespread publicity about falling sales and the decision to cease […]

The added-value cartoonist

Noel Ford writes: It’s ironic that quite often corporate clients seem more aware of the added value that a cartoonist can provide than those clients from the entertainment media of magazines and newspapers do. The use of a cartoon, or cartoon illustration, is well recognised by those in business as a way to make or […]

Procartoonists bag couple of CATs

The Cartoon Art Trust Awards, an annual fundraiser for the Cartoon Museum in London, were held last week, and this year’s winners, including two members were as follows: Joke cartoonist Kathryn Lamb, above, (Private Eye, The Oldie, The Spectator) Strip cartoonist Steve Bell for “If …” (The Guardian) Pocket cartoonist Banx (aka Jeremy Banks, Financial Times) Caricaturist James […]

Young Cartoonists of the Year 2012

The results of the competition are in and Procartoonists sends congratulations to Saffie Patel and Lawrence Lamborn for their awards in the two categories run by The Cartoon Museum and our sister organsation the British Cartoonists’ Association. You can enjoy their winning work below. A cheerful selection of cartoons by the runners-up is now also […]