Chris Beetles Gallery & the PCO present ‘NOT the RA Summer Exhibition’

© Richard Jolley To coincide with the opening of the Royal Academy’s annual Summer Exhibition, twenty seven of Britain’s finest cartoonists have rallied to provide a satirical take on the history of art. With over seventy five original works for sale, the show is a celebration of history’s masterpieces, and an antidote to the neon, […]

FIZZERS: 10 years of caricature

PCO member Terry Anderson with some of his superb caricatures The Scottish Cartoon Art Studio’s collection of caricatures, Fizzers®, is a decade old this year and the subject of a retrospective show at the People’s Palace & Winter Gardens, Glasgow. Studio Co-ordinator and PCO Member Terry Anderson explains how it all came about. After years […]

The ins and outs of Europe through the eyes of Kipper Williams

© Kipper Williams The Prime Minister calls it the most important decision of our time. Many are worried, some couldn’t care less. But this summer the debate on Europe is the centre of national conversation, so it’s with perfect comedy timing that Amberley are publishing Kipper Williams’ take on the Euro debate ahead of the […]

Martin Rowson retrospective at the Ladywell Gallery

Writer, iconoclast, atheist, zoo enthusiast, cook, PCO member and long-time resident of Lewisham are just a few of the things Martin Rowson can lay claim to being. However Martin is best known for the brilliance of his political cartooning skills and the Ladywell Gallery is holding an exhibition ‘To Hell. In a Handcart: A retrospective […]

Chris Beetles Gallery hosts exhibition in support of House of Illustration

The Director and Trustees of House of Illustration together with Chris Beetles are exhibiting and selling of works from the 2008 exhibition What Are You Like? to raise funds for House of Illustration. Chis Beetles is very generously waiving all fees and opening the exhibition with a champagne private view on Thursday 19 May. What […]

Mario Miranda, India’s cartooning genius

A must see article on the BBC website by Pamela D’Mello highlights the Indian state of Goa’s celebrations to mark the 90th birth anniversary of one of the country’s best-known cartoonists and illustrators, Mario Miranda. Pamela D’Mello writes: Mario’s warm-hearted, often comic drawings of local characters and culture helped to popularise his native state, Goa, […]

Bigging up cartoons in Southport

Tim Harries and his Big Board Noel Ford writes: Saturday 7th May, Southport shopping precinct: Big Boards assembled, caricature station manned, we set about entertaining the passing shoppers as part of the Southport Festival. Despite a weather forecast that hedged its bets between ‘hot and sunny’ and ‘storm-force wind and rain’, the day remained fine […]

Cartoonists freed!

Atena Farghadani (right) and her mother celebrate Iranian artists Atena Farghadani and Hadi Heidari have been released Atena Farghadani was freed from Evin prison on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Speaking to CRNI, Ms. Farghadani expressed her utmost appreciation of Cartoonists Rights Network International and all organizations, cartoonists and activists who have supported her throughout her incarceration and given a voice […]

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…

Noel Ford writes: In 2014 a small expeditionary force of cartoonists established a beachhead in Southport’s main shopping precinct from where they proceeded to engage the public with Big Board cartooning and caricaturing. This mini ‘Shrewsbury’ took place as part of the Southport Comedy Festival and turned out to be a big success. This coming […]