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by Jonesy

Cartoonists discuss the big issue: Europe

June 21, 2016 in General


Joey Tempest, lead singer and owner of the definitive ‘poodle-rock’ hairstyle

Tune into New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator’s Blog, ‘Songs You’re Sick Of’, and enjoy the wonderfully funny ramblings of the host and his guest, our very own The Surreal McCoy (‘The’ to her friends), as they analyse Europe’s most famous song: The Final Countdown.

The Surreal McCoy leads a double life, being a professional musician as well as a cartoonist and she straps on her accordion for the occasion and learns the chords and a smattering Swedish into the bargain. What a trouper.


An early laptop

Mick Jagger’s leotards, the effect of weightlessness on 1980’s hair and meaty bun-cake houses are just three topics that spring out of the conversation.

Beef Burger 110

The above can be found in ‘meaty bun-cake houses’ apparently

The undoubted highlight, however, is The Surreal McCoy’s performance of The Final Countdown. An immeasurable improvement on the original, it features ‘The’ (remember – only to friends) on accordion, accompanied by Inga, Swedish Google translator, on vocals. A tour de force that, once heard, can never be forgotten.

Thirty minutes of fun await on Joe Dator’s ‘Songs You’re Sick Of”.


by Jonesy

‘Not the RA Summer Exhibition’ Private View

June 12, 2016 in General


Standing room only – © Kasia Kowalska

Bill Stott, PCO Chairleg, writes:

7/6/16, Chris Beetles Gallery, Ryder St., thatLondon.

By gum it was ‘ot ! And by the time I and my travelling companion, Jenny, Sheila’s daughter, arrived at the gallery at about five after six, the temperature inside the gallery was such that dentures were melting and Chris and Alex’s free champagne was disappearing double quick. Little red spots were appearing on cartoons, too.


Bill Stott with New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein – © The Surreal McCoy


© Jonathan Cusick                           © Chris Madden                                   

It was really good to see so many PCO types there; most of the Committee, Kasia and kamera, Dr Davey – in excellent form – Ross Thompson and his lady, plus Mike Turner, Ken Pyne, Dave Brown, Herne Bay Roller Robertson and lots, lots more. What was even better was seeing PCO work displayed alongside and on the same footing as art which isn’t supposed to make you laugh.


Jen Kuehnle, Cathy Simpson, Bob Eckhart, Carol Isaacs & Bill Stott – © Kasia Kowalska

Anthony Green R.A. kicked the whole thing off by making many and various artistic observations including what its like to paint a nude pic of your mother-in-law (cue collapse of stout party).


Royston Robertson & Jeremy Banx indulge in a spot of star gazing – © The Surreal McCoy


Patrick Holden, Cartoon Museum trustee, enjoys the Heston Blumenthal hors d’oeuvres – © Mika Schick

ken pyne_mike turner

Two master cartoonists, Ken Pyne & Mike Turner, enjoying a chat – © Kasia Kowalska

Speechifying over, there was much meeting and greeting. I got the impression that the cartoon area remained the most full all evening.Then around 8.45 it was over the road-ish to a very narrow pub – so narrow in fact that the Scotch Eggs were oval. Jenny is an NHS psychiatrist and had her notes confiscated.


Bill & Royston spot a publisher – © Mika Schick

So, all in all, a successful evening, and Messrs Beetles were pleased too. This sort of show is something of a first, I think, and who knows, it may not be the last.


© Rupert Besley

More of the exhibits, all available for purchase, can be viewed here on the Chris Beetles Gallery website.

by Jonesy

Funny goings on with Weird Fish…

June 8, 2016 in General


The winning design © Tim Harries

Instigated by our friend from the CCGB, Rich Skipworth, and casual clothing manufacturer Weird Fish, a competition has just taken place to design a T-shirt for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and we’re delighted to say that two PCO members made it onto the victors’ podium.

PURPLE CRANE  Brighty post

Prince, as you’ve never seen him before © Steve Bright

Tim Harries hooked the number one spot with his wonderful ‘Raiders of the Lost Lark’ design and Steve Bright was joint runner-up with his remarkable avian Prince image ‘Purple Crane’.

Tim’s prize isn’t to be sniffed at either: he becomes a regular player in the Weird Fish cartoonist team, and nets a cool £250 worth of clobber into the bargain. Steve landed a Weird Fish clothing voucher for his efforts too so, all in all, a good catch for the PCO duo.


One of Tim’s alternative efforts © Tim Harries

by Jonesy

The master speaks…

June 8, 2016 in General


The National Cartoonists Society has released a 40-minute video profiling legendary cartoonist and illustrator Mort Drucker.

In a warm and enthralling conversation, the pair reflected on Mort’s path from his teenage days as a comic book assistant artist to his rapid ascent to the pinnacle of the profession, and discussed the attention to detail and quest for cartooning excellence that has been the hallmark of Drucker’s illustrious career.

The filmed interview can be viewed on the National Cartoonists Society website or here on Bado’s Blog.