The PCO has a new Chairleg

After a very successful tenure as PCO Chairleg the venerable Bill Stott has decided to step down to spend more time with Joan Baez and his Jaguar XK8 – happily Bill will remain on the committee. Step forward Clive Goddard, who will be fitting into Bill’s Chairleg trousers. Clive needs no introduction but here’s one anyway penned by great […]

Jane Mattimoe’s UK Case for Pencils (3): The Surreal McCoy

© The Surreal McCoy Jane Mattimoe of A Case for Pencils latest delive into UK cartoonology. In this instalment Jane turns to: The Surreal McCoy Bio: As seen in The New Yorker, Sunday Times, Spectator, Fortean Times and other unlikely places. Also heard making scratching noises on paper for a daily radio show in London as […]

RIP the extraordinary Fred Jefferies

Fred Jefferies Andrew Birch writes: This is to announce the sad news of the death of PCO member Fred Jefferies, at the grand old age of 89. Fred was born in Paddington and attended St Martin’s Art College, becoming a freelance cartoonist shortly afterwards. He recently published two books of fun and lively cartoons, Love […]

Enter the cartoon world of Ed McLachlan at Chris Beetles Gallery

© Ed McLachlan Chris Beetles Gallery presents On the Edge: The Cartoon World of Ed McLachlan As you can see from the three cartoons presented here, Ed McLachlan can wring laughter from the darkest and bloodiest of scenarios, and the originality of his life enhancing humour is amply matched by the breathtaking brilliance of the […]