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The PCO has a new Chairleg

February 26, 2018 in General, News

After a very successful tenure as PCO Chairleg the venerable Bill Stott has decided to step down to spend more time with Joan Baez and his Jaguar XK8 – happily Bill will remain on the committee. Step forward Clive Goddard, who will be fitting into Bill’s Chairleg trousers. Clive needs no introduction but here’s one anyway penned by great man himself:

I was born in Berkshire at the very beginning of the swinging sixties. Unfortunately I managed to miss all the swinging by being at school and, of course, by being in Berkshire. 

As soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon I decided I wanted to be a gag cartoonist. Personally, I blame the late, great Roland Fiddy whose cartoons I grew up with in the otherwise tedious ‘Look & Learn’ magazine. Blessed with generous parents, I was hurriedly furnished with a copy of ‘How to be a Cartoonist’ by Walter T Foster which I studied thoroughly despite it being about 40 years out of date.


Published in Private Eye © Clive Goddard

At 19 I was hired by the Newbury newspaper to produce a strip which could be about any local issue so long as it wasn’t contentious, offensive or funny. A mere thirty years later I finally sold a cartoon to my first national publication, Private Eye. It was a joke about BSE; a dreadful livestock disease but an excellent source of humour and a major breakthrough in my fortunes. 

© Clive Goddard

Since then I have drawn for the likes of Private Eye, New Statesman and Prospect as well as for the likes of Playboy, Zoo and the Sun on Sunday, so I’m evidently not fussy. I have been commissioned by the BBC, OUP, Paperlink, the Metropolitan Police, the RNLI, The NHS, Mars Confectionary and just about everyone inbetween. I’ve also illustrated a huge bunch of ‘Horrible’ books for Scholastic Children’s books and written three comedy adventure novels for kids.


© Clive Goddard

Happily married with approximately four children, numerous cats and a drawer full of Sharpies, some of which still work. 

Jane Mattimoe’s UK Case for Pencils (3): The Surreal McCoy

February 21, 2018 in General

© The Surreal McCoy

Jane Mattimoe of A Case for Pencils latest delive into UK cartoonology. In this instalment Jane turns to:

The Surreal McCoy

Bio: As seen in The New Yorker, Sunday Times, Spectator, Fortean Times and other unlikely places. Also heard making scratching noises on paper for a daily radio show in London as their cartoonist in residence.

Tools of choice: Usually Micron pens or similar (the really fine ones are great for cross-hatching and eye strain) but I am drawing a graphic memoir in digital format for the first time using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. A friend recently gave me an old box of Gillett 303 nibs to try out with some wonderfully deep black Noodlers ink. It’s great fun but very messy. Will I ever master the art of drawing circles with a dip pen?


© The Surreal McCoy

Tool I wish existed: A dip pen that can draw me a nice circle.

Tricks: command > Z, command > Z, command > Z…

Misc: Currently drawing a graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad based on my family’s memories of their lost Iraqi homeland.


© The Surreal McCoy

New Yorker cartoons here.

A short graphic story in the latest Strumpet anthology.

Website, etc:





© The Surreal McCoy

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by Jonesy

RIP the extraordinary Fred Jefferies

February 19, 2018 in General

Fred Jefferies

Andrew Birch writes:

This is to announce the sad news of the death of PCO member Fred Jefferies, at the grand old age of 89.
Fred was born in Paddington and attended St Martin’s Art College, becoming a freelance cartoonist shortly afterwards. He recently published two books of fun and lively cartoons, Love Bites (2015) and Love is…Small Talk (2016), despite being registered blind in 2001. An extraordinary and inspirational achievement.

Our sympathy goes out to Fred’s family and friends.

© Fred Jefferies Estate

© Fred Jefferies Estate

by Jonesy

Enter the cartoon world of Ed McLachlan at Chris Beetles Gallery

February 12, 2018 in General

© Ed McLachlan

Chris Beetles Gallery presents On the Edge: The Cartoon World of Ed McLachlan

As you can see from the three cartoons presented here, Ed McLachlan can wring laughter from the darkest and bloodiest of scenarios, and the originality of his life enhancing humour is amply matched by the breathtaking brilliance of the craftsmanship he employs to deliver it.

Born in Leicester in 1940, Ed McLachlan studied at Leicester College of Art and began to contribute regularly to Punch from 1961, and to Private Eye from 1967. His cartoons – both political and gag based – have appeared in countless other publications besides, including the Sunday Mirror, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Sunday Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, The Oldie, The Spectator, New Statesman and Playboy. Also working as an illustrator, he has produced the ‘Simon’ series of children’s books, later animated for television.

© Ed McLachlan

Maintaining this level of inventive excellence over such a lengthy career span requires considerable talent and perseverance, qualities which McLachlan has in abundance. He is rightly, and widely, regarded as one of our greatest living cartoonists, receiving numerous awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cartoon Art Trust in 2011.

A selling exhibition of over 200 cartoons by one of Britain’s finest cartoonists will be preceded by a Champagne Private View, in the presence of the great man himself, on Tuesday 27th February between 6 and 8pm and officially opened by the chair of the Cartoon Museum, Oliver Preston.

Viewing Monday to Saturday from 10am – 5.30pm, the exhibition will run until 31st March 2018.

The exhibition can be viewed here on the Chris Beetles Gallery website.

© Ed McLachlan