Jane Mattimoe’s UK Case for Pencils (3): The Surreal McCoy

© The Surreal McCoy

Jane Mattimoe of A Case for Pencils latest delive into UK cartoonology. In this instalment Jane turns to:

The Surreal McCoy

Bio: As seen in The New Yorker, Sunday Times, Spectator, Fortean Times and other unlikely places. Also heard making scratching noises on paper for a daily radio show in London as their cartoonist in residence.

Tools of choice: Usually Micron pens or similar (the really fine ones are great for cross-hatching and eye strain) but I am drawing a graphic memoir in digital format for the first time using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. A friend recently gave me an old box of Gillett 303 nibs to try out with some wonderfully deep black Noodlers ink. It’s great fun but very messy. Will I ever master the art of drawing circles with a dip pen?


© The Surreal McCoy

Tool I wish existed: A dip pen that can draw me a nice circle.

Tricks: command > Z, command > Z, command > Z…

Misc: Currently drawing a graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad based on my family’s memories of their lost Iraqi homeland.


© The Surreal McCoy

New Yorker cartoons here.

A short graphic story in the latest Strumpet anthology.

Website, etc:





© The Surreal McCoy

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