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The larger art of the cartoon

October 22, 2009 in Comment

Comic book mural, Brussels. on Twitpic

Spotted by Bloghorner Adrian Teal. Click the picture for more detail.

Eggheads coming to the boil…

October 20, 2009 in Comment


As mentioned previously in the year here on Bloghorn, a team representing the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation is set to appear on the BBC quiz show Eggheads. The team, comprising Chris Burke, Royston Robertson, Robert Duncan, Graham Fowell, Martin Rowson and myself, Alex Hughes, will air on BBC2 at 6pm on Thursday 29th October. Obviously, we can’t let you know how we did, but you can expect full coverage here on Bloghorn the following day…

by Royston

When is a cartoon not a cartoon?

October 19, 2009 in Comment


It’s always an uphill struggle for cartoonists to get work exhibited, because cartoons are generally not regarded by those whose job it is to decide such things as “Art” with a capital A.

So PCOer Chris Madden was more than a little amused, and bemused, to spot the above cartoon at the current Frieze Art Fair, which is largely seen as a critical barometer for all that is relevant, edgy, and, if you will, zeitgeisty, in the world of Contemporary Art (with two capital letters).

Of course it’s not actually a cartoon, it’s a silkscreen print by American artist Richard Prince of an existing cartoon (by someone else, uncredited) with additions in acrylic.

That’s why it cost, and has been sold for, £150,000.

Mr Prince made his name “rephotographing” existing works. His image, “Untitled (Cowboy)” a photo of a cigarette advert, was the first photo to raise more than $1 million at auction, despite the obvious copyright violation. So we’re sure he wouldn’t mind the PCO rephotographing “his” work to get a closer look.


Ah, you see, the caption is nothing to do with the image. It’s incomprehensible so it really is ART. With three capital letters.

So, the question for you, readers, is this: Where does rip-off end and homage begin? Answers in comments below please.

Artist of the Month – Chichi Parish

October 16, 2009 in Events

Bloghorn asked our Artist of the Month, Chichi Parish, how she makes her cartoons.

Before setting about drawing, I need monastic conditions in my studio which is where my foam earplugs and noise reduction headphones come into play. It’s not great for my hairdo, but at least my ears are always cosy and I cut out suburban domestic sounds though the house still shakes from the rumble of the Central Line tube and the A406.


I use flexible drawing nibs (the bendier the better), paper and a splash of Photoshop for my work. Recently an Australian artist/ calligrapher I know called Graham McArthur, recommended Noodler’s ink. It smells divine and flows like boiled gold, to date, it beats any other inks I’ve used.

I like to get my hands dirty which is why the tactileness, zing, unpredictable chemistry of traditional media will always excite me. All my artwork gets scanned then sanitized digitally using a Wacom tablet/pen and Adobe Photoshop.

There will be more from Chichi next Friday and you can also explore our Artist of the Month archives.

Alex taps into the iPhone

October 14, 2009 in Comment

Alex, the satirical City strip in the Daily Telegraph has recently made it’s debut on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Priced at 59p, the Tapisodes app is available at the iTunes App Store and comprises 20 animated strips themed around the credit crunch crisis. The strips will be automatically delivered to your phone one a day over the course of the following month. This video explains it all:

Bloghorn had a few questions for Alex‘s creators, Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor:

How long did it take to make the 20 special episodes of Alex for the iphone?

2 months.

Why is getting Alex distributed this way important to you?

We’re always looking for new ways to present work and new people to work with. We did the stage play last couple of years using new digital projection technology. Now fascinated by small screen possibilities for narrative. I actually believe that this is the ideal form for reading comic strip material: the movement, reactions, reveals all enhanced by this medium. Newspapers are also interested in spreading into this field. Seems like a good moment.

Did you do the technological work yourselves? Or, did you use a design agency?

We designed the app and did all the animation. The app itself was developed by the awesome folks at Tag Games in Dundee.

Is the price of the App (59p) reflective of the work that went into making it?

Absolutely not. Christ, you have NO IDEA.

How many downloads have been made during the month trial?

We are not allowed to give out this information, I’m afraid, since we are releasing this first project via our friends at The Telegraph.

Do you have any plans to take the digital Alex to a subscription site?

Never say never.

So, Alex doesn’t prefer a Blackberry?

Of course he has both (plus a spare and several spare sim cards for when he’s up to no good)

by Royston

Cartoonist dishes the dirt on daily routine

October 12, 2009 in General

This image of Boris Johnson making a mess of Tory policy on Europe was Peter Brookes’ cartoon for The Times on October 6. You can read a “day in the life” profile of the cartoonist at work, explaining how he came up with the cartoon, at the Times Onine website.

According to the profile, “Brookes’ always irreverent, often scabrous, cartoons have a habit of sending readers spluttering to their writing desks and email accounts”. And the cartoonist likes nothing more than drawing people as animals because it allows him to show base behaviour: “You are able to depict crap and fornication and that sort of thing.”

The profile ties in with the new Peter Brookes exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery in London, which we covered on Bloghorn last week.

Link: A day in the scabrous life of political cartoonist Peter Brookes

Update, October 13: The Times has another article about Peter Brookes today, by Matthew Parris: Offend everyone: The secret of success

Cartoon Pick of the Week

October 9, 2009 in Links, News

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 9th October 2009.

One: Matt in the Daily Telegraph on the Conservatives becoming more frank

Two: Dave Brown in the Independent on being in it together

Three: Robert Leighton in the New Yorker on driving and texting

Bonus Video: The Guardian‘s Steve Bell explains why he draws David Cameron as a jellyfish

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent
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Artist of the Month- Chichi Parish

October 9, 2009 in Events

Bloghorn’s Artist of the Month for October 2009 is Chichi Parish.
London-based Chichi’s inkiness has best been described as ‘Ronald Searle on acid.’ Notable clients include ad agency TBWA, The Times Educational Supplement and The Big Draw.


Chichi told Bloghorn how she became a cartoonist.

“It sort of just happened. I went to the Association of Illustrators and booked a portfolio consultation with Fig Taylor back in 2003. She looked at my stuff and said: ‘You’re a cartoonist.’ I thought she made so much sense, I invited her to the pub afterwards for a drink.”

Bloghorn agrees, there is a difference.

Bloghorn at St Just

October 8, 2009 in Comment

PCOer Simon Ellinas has a report on the grand-daddy of European cartoon festivals – St Just le Martel.

Bloghorn interview with David Lloyd

October 8, 2009 in Comment

V for Vendetta and David Lloyd image

Coming soon.