The female Arab cartoonists challenging authority

© Doaa el-Adl As part of its ‘100 Women’ season, the BBC asked three female cartoonists from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco to illustrate how the practice of ‘male guardianship’, even though not always enshrined in law, continues to affect women’s lives.   © Doaa el-Adl Tackling taboo issues like FGM and sexual harassment, Egyptian political […]

Support for imprisoned Musa Kart but attacks on cartoonists continue…

Attendees at the British Cartoonists’ Association and Cartoon Museum awards, led by BCA Chairman and PCO member Martin Rowson, gave a standing ovation to demonstrate their support for Musa Kart, who faces jail for sedition. (See the Blog article from 2nd November for more on this story.)  Mr Rowson stated it was “more important than […]

A triumvirate of talent

© Sarah Boyce The PCO is delighted to welcome three new members into the fold The three in question are doubly talented individuals: Sarah Boyce is a printmaker and cartoonist, James Brandow a caricaturist and cartoonist, whilst Dave Walker is a cycling cartoonist which, funnily enough, is the subject of his upcoming book… © James […]

Nathan Ariss: a call for inaction

You can die of exposure, you know… Nathan Ariss writes: General Artistic Strike – call for inaction, New Year’s Day A General Strike of all culture, arts, music, dance, drama, poetry, illustration, cartoon, design, is now in effect. All ‘creatives’ will henceforth produce not a single word, or note, or sound, or sign, or symbol, […]

Hastings: The Film

Meanwhile back in Hastings, here’s a lovely little video from Robert Rousso. Robert casts his acutely observant Gallic eye over proceedings; showing, amongst other things, how popular cartooning and caricaturing are with the British public. In contrast, with a few notably successful exceptions, UK publishers (or their accountants) appear to be at odds with their […]

A view from across the Channel…

© Robert Rousso Our esteemed chair, Bill Stott, has just received this comment on the US presidential election result from our French friend and comrade in pens, Robert Rousso. There was an accompanying note: “Yankees overstep you! All the best mon cher Bill!” ‘Nuff said…

‘The Illustrators 2016’ Exhibition at Chris Beetles Gallery

Jonathan Cusick The British Art of Illustration 1900 – 2016 The largest and most popular annual event worldwide for cartoon and illustration collectors, ‘The Illustrators 2016′ exhibition opens later this month at Chris Beetles Gallery. While focussing this year on the twentieth century, this extravaganza presents over 500 original works for sale by over 60 […]

The worldwide oppression of cartoonists continues…

Cartoonist Musa Kart is interviewed by media prior to police questioning Cartoonist’s arrest marks new chapter in ongoing oppression by Turkish state Reports from Turkey dated 31st October 2016 indicate that several members of staff from the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet have been detained by police following raids on their homes. These include cartoonist Musa Kart, the recipient […]