‘The Illustrators 2016’ Exhibition at Chris Beetles Gallery


Jonathan Cusick

The British Art of Illustration 1900 – 2016

The largest and most popular annual event worldwide for cartoon and illustration collectors, ‘The Illustrators 2016′ exhibition opens later this month at Chris Beetles Gallery. While focussing this year on the twentieth century, this extravaganza presents over 500 original works for sale by over 60 artists from across three centuries, with prices ranging from £300 to £75,000.




Edmund Joseph Sullivan


Mike Williams


Al Hirschfeld

The exhibition celebrates the wealth of talent among illustrators of the twentieth century, from the influential Edwardian black-and-white draughtsman, E J Sullivan, to the unique contemporary talent that is Sara Midda. British artists are shown within the context of the European and American traditions of cartooning and illustrating, as exemplified by such exceptional talents as André François and Al Hirschfeld.

The PCO is pleased to highlight the inclusion of our own Jonathan Cusick and Mike Williams to this glittering roll call.


Aubrey Beardsley


Donald McGill

‘The Illustrators 2016’ runs from 19th November 2016 through to 7th January 2017

Chris Beetles Gallery

8 & 10 Ryder Street, London, SW1Y 6QB

Telephone 020 7839 7551

To see more of the artists and their work or to buy the exhibition catalogue visit the website here.


Sara Midda

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