© Sarah Boyce

The PCO is delighted to welcome three new members into the fold

The three in question are doubly talented individuals: Sarah Boyce is a printmaker and cartoonist, James Brandow a caricaturist and cartoonist, whilst Dave Walker is a cycling cartoonist which, funnily enough, is the subject of his upcoming book…


© James Brandow

For Sarah, cartooning started as a bit of fun but became completely absorbing. She had previously worked in advertising but after having children reverted to her first love, art and design, specialising in printmaking. Now Sarah combines her printmaking with drawing cartoons.

You can see more of Sarah’s work here.

Dave was an erstwhile member of the PCO but somehow managed to escape. (Let this be a warning to others: you can run but you’ll never escape our inky clutches…)

Anyway, we are pleased to welcome back such a talented artist. Dave is a freelance cartoonist and book illustrator for a wide variety of clients, and a number of books of his own work have been published, with the aforementioned ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’ about to join them.

Dave’s portfolio can be viewed here.

James, like Sarah, has a strong grounding in advertising with over 20 years experience creating visuals to be used as finished art, concepts, storyboards, layouts, character designs, animated gifs, cartoon portraits and animations. All this experience is brought to bear on his beautifully drawn caricatures and cartoons.

Take a look at James’ work here.



© Dave Walker





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