France-Cartoons cast an eye over #EatenFish campaign

© Alf Numéro 2, the second edition of the impressive France-Cartoons webmag is online and available for viewing. (Please see link below.) France-Cartoons is the organisation set up in place of the one connected with FECO, and it’s good to see our new friends giving pride of place and the lead story to the Eaten […]

The ‘Sweet EU’ Cartoon Exhibition

The Surreal McCoy’s report from Athens: The British man seated next to us on the plane was a former investment banker, newly-qualified as a paramedic. He was on his way to one of the Greek islands to volunteer with an international search and rescue team. The weather was warming up and the seas were becoming […]

Tally ho! Bill Stott cuts to the chase…

© Bill Stott PCO Chair Bill Stott has the hunting set in his sights: Some time ago, an American dentist travelled all the way from the U.S.A. to Africa. In his luggage was a large, very powerful rifle and a crossbow. He’d brought these things to kill stuff with – something Americans are quite good […]

In Their Own Words: Iranian cartoonist Atena Farghadani tells Amnesty International about the awful reality of her arrest and interrogation

Atena Farghadani talks of her appalling treatment by the Iranian authorities Amnesty International’s fortnightly series ‘In Their Own Words’ launched on 17th March with the story of Albert Woodfox, an American who spent 44 years in solitary confinement. Other episodes include the story of Khadjia Ismayilova, an investigative journalist from Azerbaijan who was imprisoned and […]

Report on the situation of cartoonists worldwide

Cartooning For Peace have produced an excellent and detailed report highlighting the difficulties and persecution of cartoonists around the world. The publication coincided with World Press Freedom Day. It includes pieces on Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart who we covered on here and a really good piece by CRNI campaigner & PCO member Terry Anderson on Eaten Fish. There are […]

100 days of Trump, the year of Brexit…and Boris

© Peter Brookes Chris Beetles Gallery is currently running a significant selling exhibition comprising the astute observations of award winning political cartoonists Peter Brookes of the Times and Matt (Matthew Pritchett) of the Telegraph. © Matt (Matthew Pritchett) The exhibition includes over 120 works, covering the build-up to Donald Trump’s election and his first 100 […]

A labour of love…

Illustration © Sarah Boyce A story, remarkable and touching in so many ways, with illustrations by PCO member Sarah Boyce: Kings Langley resident, Andrew Knowlman, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in April 2015 and now uses a wheelchair and eyegaze technology to communicate. This week sees the publication of a book he wrote for […]

Punch and the Judies

© Sally Artz and Punch Archives A PCO EXCLUSIVE from The Surreal McCoy: The March 1972 edition of Punch magazine was billed as the New Women’s issue. In a nod to the feminist movement, it featured an all-women cast of writers, editors and cartoonists. The PCO’s very own Sally Artz was initially commissioned to produce […]

Umbrage and umbrellas on World Press Freedom Day

The Surreal McCoy reports: A wet Wednesday afternoon and a gathering of Amnesty, English Pen, CRNI,Turkish journalists and representatives from the PCO outside the Turkish Embassy in London. It was World Press Freedom Day and we were here to protest the ongoing treatment of Turkish journalists and specifically for the PCO, the cartoonist Musa Kart. […]