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March 24, 2013 in General, News

Dave_Gibbons-Whaat! on Roy Lichtenstein + Pop Art @

© Dave Gibbons after Irv Novick @

Whaat? by Dave Gibbons fires first on the vexed question of the artist Roy Lichtenstein and his use, or abuse, of comic imagery for the purposes of fine art.

There’s a flight of similar pieces that coincide with the Lichtenstein retrospective at Tate Modern in London. We particularly commend a learned piece by the comics historian Paul Gravett.

Down under, the Adelaide Advertiser cartoonist Jos Valdeman found himself ejected from the upper house of the South Australian parliament for sketching the president of the legislative council John Gazzola.  It’s an interesting dogfight in the Aussie journalism wars, which are not unlike our own arguments about the media after the Leveson inquiry.

To demonstrate that ages past were no more civilised than today, whatever the state of the law,  comes a retrospective exhibition of Henry Bunbury, the 18th century gentleman caricaturist. Read all about it at the East Anglian Daily Times.

Out in the digital world,  Zen Pencils immortalised the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Afghan girl shot by the Taliban who has just returned to school, albeit in the English Midlands, following surgery.

Also in the modern fashion is the following speech at a TEDx event in Wyoming by Kal, of The Economist. He’s worth seeing and hearing.

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5 responses to The Round-up

  1. Lots of interesting stuff here – I find the Lichtenstein controversy especially fascinating.

     (Just to be a total nit-picker, or worse – whatever term that might bring upon me – the Bunbury caricatures piece is from the East Anglian Daily Times (Suffolk based) and not the EDP (from Norwich), not that this makes any difference.)

  2. Thanks Rupert. I will note that now.

  3. Gosh, no sooner said than corrected. There’s a few tabloid dailies that could learn a thing or two, post Leveson, from the PCO.

  4. Motto of internet journalism: It’s never wrong for long.

  5. Good stuff again. I’ve a good mind to draw all my chum’s attention to it.

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