Glenn Marshall writes:

Sadly one of our duties on the blog is to write obituaries – this one is for a book store. The wonderful and inspiring JAM Bookshop in Hackney, run by the cartoonist and illustrator David ‘Ziggy’ Greene, closes its doors for the final time on Sunday. It really was a lovely and stimulating place as well as being very supportive of cartoonists both in the content it sold or with exhibitions in the small gallery space.

The shop is much loved by its clientele but the costs, red tape and privations of running it had become prohibitive. Everyone was increasing their prices and, as David has said, he couldn’t pass those costs on because most books are a set price. The ability to make any financial reward from it was being squeezed from every direction; sadly true for most small, independent bookshops throughout the country.

The dog-friendly shop always posted a photo of a canine ‘Customer of the Day’. Here’s a recent winner and my own pooch Higgins who received the honour too.

The dog-themed ‘Best In Show’ cartoon exhibition, co-organised with the PCO.

Poster for the tribute exhibition David hastily put to gather for the late,  great Tony Husband.



The Peter Falk Columbo Exhibition poster. Illustration © David Ziggy Greene

A recent talk by US cartoonist and New Yorker regular Joe Dator.

The extremely popular vintage till – it should’ve had its own Instagram account.

••• THE SHOP IS STILL OPEN FOR TWO MORE DAYS *** a last chance to pop in and say thanks to David, see the excellent Will Eisner exhibition and pick up a bargain.

Final Chapter Opening Hours: Sat 23rd March 1pm – 6pm, Sun 24th March 1pm – 6pm

We wish to thank David for his championing of our ‘industry’ and wish him well in his next glorious venture.

You can support David’s work by buying from his site here.

David Ziggy Greene’s book of ‘Graphic reports from modern life’ which appeared regularly in Private Eye.

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