Who’s going to Shrewsbury 2009

With a little over six weeks to go until the start of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival, the full list of cartoonists in attendance has been revealed.

British cartoonists taking part this year will include Neil Dishington, Noel Ford, Pete Dredge, Andy Davey, Bill Stott, Martin Honeysett, Steve Bright, Steve Best, Tim Harries, John Roberts, Roger Penwill, Dave Brown, Kipper Williams, Nathan Ariss, Clive Goddard, Will Dawbarn, Andy McKay, John Landers, Janis Goodman, Jacky Fleming, Carol Isaacs, Hunt Emerson, Chichi Parish, Angela Martin, Jed Pascoe, Simon Ellinas, Chris Ryder, Helen Pointer, Terry Christien, Steve Bell, Kate Charlesworth and Gerard Whyman, who will be joined by Festival (and PCO) Patron Libby Purves. From Europe, Miroslav Bartak (Czech Republic), Heinz Pfister (Switzerland) and Michael Kountouris (Greece) will also be joining in the fun.

Royston Robertson, Alex Hughes and Matt Buck will be reporting the events for Bloghorn. Information on getting to and staying in Shrewsbury can be found here.

Update: It turns out we’ve missed Cathy Simpson from the list of attending cartoonists. Apologies, Cathy!

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