Jeremy Banx writes:

So another PCO exhibition is now on show in the café at the Omnibus Theatre on Clapham Common. Hot on the heels of our last exhibition of Xmas panto cartoons for ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, this time the theme is ‘Ideas’.

And what a lot of ideas about ideas there are. No shortage of light bulb moments and pondering Rodin sculptures. No shortage of originality and creativity, either.

Member Mark Winters (Chicane) took the photos. On the day he went there was a good turnout and plenty of punters looking at the drawings and smiling.

If you get a chance, do go. Omnibus is in a converted library. Everyone is very friendly and the food in the café is excellent. Perfect for looking at cartoons by:


Cartoon © The Surreal McCoy

Cartoon © Jonesy

Cartoon © Ed Naylor

Cartoon © Kerina Strevens

Cartoon © Chris Burke

Cartoon © Royston Robertson

Cartoon © Mark Winters 

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