A song and dance about cartooning

Cartoonists in the UK have much in common with our colleagues throughout the world, and we keep in touch via international competitions and festivals, but what we in the UK are sadly missing, unlike our friends in France, is … a song!

Yes, Feco France have written their own song in praise of the noble art of cartooning. (Feco is the Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations, of which the PCO, the people behind The Bloghorn, is a member.) The song is très French, but is rather wistful and pleasant. You can listen to it online, complete with animated pencils, here. And you can read about it and check out the lyrics, in French, here.

Sadly, this writer dropped French at O-level and has not a clue what is being sung, other than that the word liberté occurs rather a lot. An online translation does not help, there appears to be a lot of stuff about “mines”. Something has surely got lost in translation.

Anyway, it seems our gallic chums have set us a challenge. How do we UK cartoonists come up with our own song? If anyone out there has any good ideas for lyrics, themes, and the kind of tune we need (no blues songs, please) then add your comments below …

Thanks to PCOer Roger Penwill for the spot.

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