Artist of the Month – Noel Ford


Bloghorn asked Artist of the Month, Noel Ford, What do you see as the future of cartooning in the digital age?

Since the days of Hogarth, cartoons have been engraved, pencilled, penned and brushed. Digital media is, in one way, just another step along the way. However, the digital age has revolutionised our profession in more ways than that. It is not only a way of creating artwork, it is a method (the preferred method, nowadays) of delivering that artwork. Whether a cartoon is created on a computer or drawn on paper and scanned, the delivery is more often than not done via email or other digital means.

The digital age has also given us an instant reference system that cartoonists of my vintage would have killed for when we started out. “Google it” has become the reference byword. Car boot sales are bursting at the seams with old reference books.

And this is just the beginning. Digitally we are heading up a logarithmic curve and who knows what lies just a little further onwards and upwards?

We just have to hold on tight and hope we don’t come off at the next learning curve.

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