Artist of the Month – The Surreal McCoy

Bloghorn cartoon © The Surreal McCoy
Bloghorn cartoon © The Surreal McCoy

The PCO Artist of the Month for March is The Surreal McCoy.

Bloghorn asked Surreal the usual searching question: What made you become a cartoonist?

As there’s no history of madness in the family I can only assume it must have been drunken musicians laughing at my incoherent doodling on the tour bus. Since then its been a gradual but dignified slide down to where I am now.

Actually cartooning was the last thing I expected to be doing, having had no formal art training, but I must say it is rather a lot of fun.

There will be more from Surreal next Friday, or, you can check through our Artist of the Month archives in the column on the right hand side of the page.

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