Award to Steve Way: Services to cartooning

October 22, 2013 in Events, General, News

Steve Way cartoon editor of Readers Digest

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We are delighted to announce that Steve Way, cartoon editor of Reader’s Digest, and previously of Punch, was presented with the 2013 PCO Award for Services to Cartooning in a packed Bloomsbury pub, London, last night.

A short speech extolling Mr Way’s dedication in mentoring and giving honest feedback to both upcoming and established cartoonists everywhere was made by the fictional cartoon editor, Hugh Jarse, as is traditional on these occasions.

Steve Way, in his thank-you to us all this morning, said:

“Over the moon; it’s always been a game of two halves, but at the end of the day the sun goes down, so in the end it was probably a fair result”.


Ed adds: makes this award on an infrequent basis in recognition of work undertaken by enduring and new friends of the trade in UK professional cartooning.

3 responses to Award to Steve Way: Services to cartooning

  1. I’m surprised that Mr Way’s award hasn’t attracted any comments. I shall, therefore, make a couple. Mr Way exhibits a fine profile, although I was disappointed there are no shots of his footwear which is usually remarkable.

  2. Well deserved and long overdue. Is that ok?

  3. About time,too. Should have happened years ago. Well done, Steve. Richly deserved.

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