Don't get lost in Shrewsbury

April 1, 2009 in Events

In addition to last week’s interactive map of Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival, here’s a handheld printable and downloadable version to help you get around. Click on the image below for the full-size map.


Meanwhile, it has been announced that the organisers of the festival are hoping to attract more people to the event this year with a large bouncy castle in the town square.

All drawing, including caricatures and the “Big Boards”, will take place within the inflatable. “This may prevent challenges for some cartoonists but we are sure they will get into the spirit of it, ” said a festival spokesperson.

The organisers are asking all participating cartoonists to refrain from using use nib pens or sharpened pencils.

3 responses to Don't get lost in Shrewsbury

  1. ha ha bleeding ha.

  2. Oh and I was getting so excited at the prospect. Drawing and bouncy castles – two of my favourite things: combined!

    The last line had me laughing, mainly at the image of cartoonists bouncing around with Sharpies creating permanent marker mayhem.

  3. Not much room for a Bouncy Castle with all those inflated egos in the Square!

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