Farghadani and Zunar updates

January 29, 2016 in General


Atena Farghadani’s lawyer says that the charges of “indecent conduct” and “illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery” — which were brought against her after she shook hands with her lawyer during a prison consultation — have been dropped.

There is now a 20 day window during which the Iranian prosecutors could petition another appeal court to reject the judgment.

Terry Anderson told the Blog: “CRNI want to make a further push regarding Atena Farghadani’s case while Iran’s leaders are still in the spotlight. Her lawyer and father have been in touch recently with ideas on what they think will have the most positive effect.”

Find out more about the Atena Farghadani case on the CRNI website.

Meanwhile Zunar’s trial on his nine-sedition charges has again been postponed to March 9 by the Sessions Court.
The postponement was due to the pending decision by the High Court on the constitutionality of the Sedition Act by lawyer N. Surendran who filed an application on October 15, 2014.

More information can be found here on Zunar’s website.

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  1. Good news, although it further serves to underline the [male] sexual hypocrisy which dominates the Iranian legal system which seems to be made up as and when needs be. 

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