Further Indignities Inflicted upon Artena Farghadani

October 12, 2015 in General


According to Amnesty International the imprisoned Iranian cartoonist has been subjected to a forced virginity test.

“It is shocking that on top of imposing a ludicrous charge on Atena Farghadani for the ‘crime’ of shaking hands with her lawyer, the Iranian authorities have forced her to undergo a ‘virginity and pregnancy test’,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Program.

“In doing so, the Iranian judicial authorities have truly reached an outrageous low, seeking to exploit the stigma attached to sexual and gender-based violence in order to intimidate, punish or harass her.”

More on these disturbing developments can be found in this Amnesty International press release.



2 responses to Further Indignities Inflicted upon Artena Farghadani

  1. Appalling. We know Atena’s health is deteriorating. Her prospects are bleak unless an appeal is heard and early release secured, made less likely by these additional and entirely bogus charges of adultery and indecency.

  2. State cowardice. And fear. They fear cartoons.

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