Instant art – good or bad?

September 23, 2010 in News

Bloghorn sees more evidence of the speed of digital processing and how it is changing the way images are made.

Doodle Cam is a recently launched application for smartphones which provide instant, or real-time animation effects for video shot on that device.

The app is made by a firm of developers called MacPhun, you can see some of the other services they make here. They include Real-Time Distorter, iRetroscope and PopArt VidCam.

All provide instant access to art effects. Bloghorn thinks this clearly proves that everyone is an artist nowadays.

Please feel free to agree or disagree in our comments section below.

5 responses to Instant art – good or bad?

  1. I’ve got a blow – lamp. I’m not a plumber. I have a garden. I’m not a gardener.What this proves is that the digital medium keeps growing and provides electronic distraction for those who seek it. Sure, it may give rise to some gems – I hope it does – but expert Wii users rarely become real downhill skiiers

  2. Four of the first five bullet points are pretty much the same – it’s a toy. When everyone can do it, it won’t be fun any more.

    Bill’s spot on, even if it comes as a crushing blow to this Wii slalom champion. The lad that occupies this house, as Accrington Stanley, regularly used to thrash Real Madrid on his X-Box. Two years ago, he began attending secondary school, where he was forced to face a physical, competitive soccer match for the first time in his life, and now he hates the game with a vengeance.

    These are fakes, and not cartoons at all. Good fun perhaps, but even after 25 years, can’t hold a candle to the great Aha video for ‘Take On Me’.

  3. It’s more that everyone has more access to the tools which create art now – which can only be a good thing.

  4. ANYBODY can buy tools. Is it just tools which make an artist, or a plumber or an electrician or a dentist ?

  5. Thanks for all the comments.
    @ Static girl. Yes it is a good thing. The problem/opportunity lies in how a skilled person who benefits from these chances can go on to make a living from their skill if they want to.

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