Match report: Warbury Warriors back at Wapping

Striker magazine @
Striker magazine @

It’s a double for Pete Nash in a return to The Sun with his cartoon Striker.

© Pete Nash_Striker_cartoon_@Procartoonists
© Pete Nash

The 20-year run of Warbury Warriors football stories in the paper was broken in 2009 after a contract bust-up. The artist then took his star player Nick Jarvis and the team for a spell on loan at Nuts.

In his first spell at The Sun, Nash grew the stories from modest beginnings into one of the most popular features in the paper. As the printed output grew he developed a team of computer graphics artists to create the daily narratives.

There was also an attempt to launch a standalone magazine, above, between 2003-2005. You can read more about Striker’s business relationship with the paper here.

In the new storyline for the return to the paper reports have it that “his [Jarvis’s] beloved club have been given three weeks to pay a £9million tax bill or face winding-up proceedings”.

Will Warbury survive?


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