Miranda’s Comic Relief

March 11, 2013 in Events, General, News

Clive Goddard @ Procartoonists.orgProcartoonists member Clive Goddard is helping comic Miranda Hart with her Comic Relief challenges this week. He will be drawing each of her tasks in turn and we will feature some below over the course of the week.

You can of course also follow the course of events by following the #mirandasmarch hashtag.


Clive Goddard Miranda Hart cartoons at Procartoonists.org

Updated 12th March: You can see Clive’s first cartoon about Miranda and the underarm waxing here.

Updated 15th March: An exclusive! The sneak preview of Miranda’s marriage for Day Five of #mirandasmarch. Hats tipped to our best man Clive Goddard .

@Mermhart for Comic Relief © Clive Goddard @ procartoonists,org

© Clive Goddard @ procartoonists,org

3 responses to Miranda’s Comic Relief

  1. How’s he going to draw with bleeding armpits?

    Okay, okay, I know – he’ll use his bleeding hands. 
  2. Armpit waxing it is then. A rich vein of humour to be mined … or is it plucked?

  3. The week rolls on. We had  ballroom dancing on Tuesday, girl groups on Wednesday (cartoons here: https://www.facebook.com/BBCR2?fref=ts)

    It’s Day Four now & Miranda has come to Oxford (my home town) The theme is dog shows. Time for the ‘dogs who look like their owners’ gag to get an airing.

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