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January 25, 2017 in General


The reason for tendering our resignation:

After a great deal of thought by the PCO Committee and through consulting our members, PCO [UK] has decided to leave FECO forthwith.

This is a very sad decision, but has been brought about by FECO’s involvement with a Holocaust themed cartoon contest offered by the Iran House of Cartoon, known Holocaust deniers.

PCO cannot allow itself to be associated in any way with holocaust denial.

Perhaps, looking into the future, when FECO reorganises so that it is no longer associated in any way with holocaust denial PCO might apply to re-join.  In the meantime PCO intends to maintain good relations with individual cartoonists’ organisations such as France-Cartoon, formerly FECO France. But as of now we do not consider ourselves a member of FECO.

Sincerely, and with regret,

Bill Stott, Chair, PCO [UK]

For and on behalf of ;
The Surreal McCoy
Rupert Besley
Andrew Birch
Steve Jones
Jeremy Banx
Glenn Marshall

2 responses to PCO leaves FECO

  1. To Bill Stott and PCO members:We are sorry to hear the news about the UK FECO Chapter resigning from FECO International, and hope you reconsider your decision based on facts.In answer to your points:FECO International did not have any involvement with the Holocaust themed cartoon contest, and it was not promoted in FECO’s bulletins.If the former FECO President Bernard Bouton participated in it, it was on his own decision as an individual, not as a representative of all FECO members. After this issue was made public, he quit his position as President, in 2015. Each cartoonist who participates in any competition, is responsible for his/her participation. Prominent cartoonists participated in such contest, therefore, adhering to the rules of that competition, despite their very critical cartoons. Either you participate or you don’t. Bernard Bouton defended his participation saying that, if in case he won some money, it would be given to pro-peace Palestinian and Israeli associations equally. He acknowledged it was a mistake to have participated despite his good intentions. In contrast, other participants were hailed as heroes for insulting the ayathollas with their participation.We strongly believe that after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a horrific attack to cartoonists and freedom of expression, what we need most is unity, not division. And we believe also in giving our colleague Bernard a second chance.To leave FECO is hardly a solution. Dialogue and good communication are essential these days.We do hope you reconsider your resignation from FECO so we can move forward as a united organization.Sincerely,Felipe Galindo (Feggo)FECO Secretary General

  2. It remains the case that FECO’s logo sits alongside the Holocaust Contest section of the Iranian House of Cartoon’s website, thereby lending it apparent acceptability. Bernard Bouton was President of FECO when he participated in the contest. He is now Treasurer and a Vice-President. FECO’s own position continues to be one of apparent defence and support for what has happened and could therefore happen again.

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