Artist of the month: Colin Whittock

October 5, 2007 in General

Colin Whittock is the PCO’s Artist of the Month for October 2007. Colin’s career is so varied that it’s hard to write a short summary which would do him any sort of justice. So, Bloghorn is not going to try. Instead, we would like to refer you to a comprehensive and excellent Q&A at the fine Toonhound website which managed to ask Colin nearly all of the things you could possibly want to know about his work. And, Colin was kind enough to answer them.

Bloghorn says click W for Whittock
The best British cartooning talent

2 responses to Artist of the month: Colin Whittock

  1. I’ve just read the excellent Toonhound aticle. Bloody hell, Colin; three studios, two jobs and a family. I want some of what you’re on.

  2. I have found a cartoon drawn be Colin whittock dated 24/9/70 which was given to my parents,
    I was wondering if there is any value in said cartoon

    Many thanks

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