Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

October 29, 2011 in Comment, News

Rob Murray writes:

Following an MP-generated controversy earlier in the year, when the University of Dundee launched the first mainstream postgraduate course in comic studies, student Laura Sneddon has helpfully begun blogging about the MLitt on a weekly basis for Comicbook resources.

Pulitzer-Prize winning US cartoonist Clay Bennett gave a talk this week in which he discussed the ‘best’ piece of hate mail he has ever received, and why “it’s hard to draw good cartoons where people are progressive”. Read more here.

As Steven Spielberg’s motion-capture Tintin film is released in cinemas, asks how it will be received in Hergé’s Brussels.

Finally, a piece of original artwork by legendary Batman illustrator Jerry Robinson – the cover to Detective Comics #67 from 1942 – is expected to sell for over $300,000 when it comes to auction next month. Click here and get your chequebook ready.

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  1. Interesting stuff, as always. Laura Sneddon’s writing suggests that the Dundee course isn’t a mere bums on seats exercise, whilst the reported 40 cartoon murals in and around Brussels underlines again, the European take on the importance of cartoons. Also underlined is the way artwork – any artwork-even Batman- commands daft prices because rich types use it as currency.

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