Glenn Marshall writes:

In a gallery far, far away…(well not that far, just two streets) was the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival unofficial fringe exhibition ‘Something Brewing’, a mixture of art and cartoons.

Photos @ Kasia Kowalska

Andrew Birch and Helen Wilde at the gallery drinks opening, plus Helen and Andrew with the Independent political cartoonist Dave Brown.

Painting © Helen Wilde

One of Helen Wilde’s ‘cupulation’ series.

Cartoon © Andrew Birch

Andrew Birch dons the beer goggles.

Cartoon © Dave Brown

A beery Boris goes down the drain from Dave Brown in the Independent.

Painting © Terry Sole

One of gallery co-owner Terry Sole’s fabulous paintings of cafes and restaurants.

On the subject of Nero we were very lucky to have these ancient Roman antiquities on display.

Wonderful to have some of Kasia’s photography in the show. These are from her award winning botanical series ‘Flora’…

Photograph © Kasia Kowalska

…they where all taken on a large format camera and hand printed.

Photos © Kasia Kowalska

Chris Burke and Kathryn Lamb with a rather wistful looking Surreal McCoy plus a photo of Andrew Birch, Clive Goddard and Dean Patterson in the gallery print room.

Cartoon © The Surreal McCoy

One of several of Carol’s ‘Generation Wrecked’ strips that filled a gallery wall.

Illustration © Chris Burke

A Heath Robinsonesque coffee contraption from Chris….

….and here Chris Burke is inflating (or should that be fellating?) a dolphin to be used in the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Procartoonists #EndCaptivityForever workshop.

Illustration © Ingram Pinn

By former FT political cartoonist Ingram Pinn.


Cartoon © Royston Robertson

Real Ale from Royston . This actually looks like the rip-off price Mojito I had at a lush London bar recently which was 10% drink and 90% foliage!

Cartoon © Clive Goddard

Some artful satire from Clive Goddard too.

Cartoon © KJ Lamb

Some bewitching brew by Kathryn Lamb.

Cartoon © Martin Rowson

Martin, as is tradition, drawing his piece live in the gallery.

Cartoon © Jeremy Banx

Jeremy had a whole series of tea bag infused cartoons in the show which was fabulous when we ran out of tea for a gallery brew up. Jeremy must’ve got through a whole 120 box of Tetleys.



Photo © Kasia Kowalska

A terrible footnote to the exhibition has been the death of the artist Claire Knights, who was a regular supporter of the gallery. One of the centrepiece exhibits was her wonderful playful winged toilet ‘Thunderbox 2’ (above) which has previously been shown at Turner Contemporary. She was a hugely talented artist and often her work had a lot of wit to it.

Claire is pictured here wearing a dress from the ‘Mona Lisa – Not Happy’ exhibition and this wonderful carving of hers ‘Blowing in the Wind’ was in the ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ show.

She travelled extensively over the years to countries including Thailand, China, Tibet, South Korea and in particular Japan where she studied gardens, architecture, and culture. She also taught art in prisons. In 2017 she instigated a lottery funded project for Herne Bay festival to make the UK’s largest painting, covering he whole of a hockey pitch. Claire had recently graduated from The Margate School were she’d studied a Masters in European Fine Art.

Our sincere condolences to Claire’s family and friends. One New Street Gallery will be putting on an exhibition of some of Claire’s work in the near future.

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