Steve Bell on Ronald Searle

March 10, 2010 in Comment

Cartoonist Steve Bell, who curated the current Ronald Searle show at the Cartoon Museum writes here about the experience. You can read more of Bloghorn’s coverage about the three Searle shows currently on in London here.

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  1. Excellent piece by Steve Bell, I thought. Certain bits jumped out………Searle’s early description of his work as a “parasitic minor art form” would please Mr Sewell who thinks cartooning “a facility”, not an art form………….Le Monde’s “budgetary cut backs”………….if the editorial beancounters can chop Searle rather than recipes and crosswords, nobody’s safe. And a place for Searle’s definitive, unique body of work in one of our great galleries might encourage those with power and money who think that no matter how well drawn it is, if its funny its not “art”, to admit their mistake.

  2. Totally agree with Bill. Steve Bell’s impassioned, and commendably restrained, critique of the British ‘Art’ establishment and HMG was a depressing indictment of how our craft is regarded by those entrusted with preserving and nurturing our cultural heritage.

    It’s no wonder he buggered off to France!

  3. …lovely to read about a heroic cartoon life…what a marvelous role model….

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