Travelling Moleskine: naughty but nice

Members of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation are taking part in a Travelling Moleskine project, as part of this year’s Big Draw event.

The idea is that a cartoonist makes his or her mark in the Moleskine notebook then passes it on, via Her Majesty’s post, to the next volunteer. The theme for the PCO’s Moleskine is “Naughtiness”. Ooer!

So far Matt Buck and Royston Robertson have drawn a couple of pages each, and the book has been passed on to fellow Bloghorner Alex Hughes. Other PCO members who have volunteered so far are: Chichi Parish, Bill Stott, Noel Ford, Nathan Ariss, Steve Bright, Jonathan Cusick, Cathy Simpson and Tim Harries.

Around 30 Moleskines have been sent out by the Culture Vulture, the organisation acting on behalf of the Campaign for Drawing, which stages the Big Draw every autumn.

More details on the Moleskines can be found at

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