Video: Cartoonists in Herne Bay

September 23, 2014 in Events, General, News

This short video covering the exhibition and live cartooning in Herne Bay last month has been posted online by David Good Videos.

Former PCO chairman Nathan Ariss is our host, taking us through the background to the event and the live drawing that took place. Sue Austen of Beach Creative in Herne Bay and cartoonist Tim Harries talk about the workshops.

Our thanks go to David Good who also made a film on last year’s Marcel Duchamp festival in Herne Bay, which included a cartooning element.

UPDATE, 30 September: Rather than let all the footage he filmed go unseen, David Good has made another short film on the Herne Bay event. See below.

This time he talks to cartoonists Matt Buck, Royston Robertson and Steve Way.

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9 responses to Video: Cartoonists in Herne Bay

  1. Love it! Fantastic work!

  2. A great reminder of a terrific weekend. Nicely put together David!

  3. Yes, a very nicely put together video 🙂 

  4. Great stuff all round – a fine advert for cartooning.

  5. Ditto all that. Thanks David

  6. That was lovely – made me even more sorry to have missed it!

  7. Bravo, David! Couldn’t possibly cover everything that went on, but it gives a flavour. And next year will be impossibly good, I think!

  8. Excellent! The second video’s equally enjoyable.

    I look forward to next year’s full length documentary in 3D “Careful with that pencil.”

  9. Excellent videos. I would’ve preferred a brass band soundtrack but that’s being picky. 

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