What happened next…

September 2, 2010 in Events, News

Foghorn Bloghorn for The UK Professional Cartoonists’ OrganisationA quick follow-up of stories we’ve covered recently on Bloghorn.

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  1. Just read the Clint review – by, as he is at pains to point out, a 50+ person , and a s he implies, taste and perceptions change with age [I’m 103], and there’s no doubting the artwork quality, or even the scripts, given the literary limitations of the graphic novel format. But “Clint” ? Give me a break. Yes, I know there are Nuts and Heat et al out there too, but it seems a shame to waste good production values on nitwits who think its cool to wander about with a copy of Clint stuck in a pocket. It suggests that the targeted age – group really are unsophisticated schoolboys. But let’s wait and see if anything called Bollocks or Knob pops up in the female orientated market. Probably won’t. I wonder why.

  2. Don’t you mean Boliocks or Kriob Bill?

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