Young Cartoonists of the Year 2012

October 17, 2012 in Events, General, News

Our colleagues at the British Cartoonists’ Association have launched their annual Young Cartoonists of the Year competition. Details as below and applications to the UK’s Cartoon Museum by 7 November. Hop to it!

UK_ Young_Cartoonist_of_the_Year_2012 @

Young Cartoonist of the Year competition for 2012 @

And have a look back at one of last year’s winners.

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  1. Re: Original artwork only.Does this mean you won’t consider digitally drawn or coloured cartoons? Would you mind elaborating on the other criteria, such as subject matter, if the medium is also strictly traditional?

  2. Re: Original artwork only. Does this mean you won’t consider digitally drawn or coloured cartoons? Would you mind elaborating on the other criteria, such as subject matter, if the medium is also strictly traditional?

  3. Hello Liz, It isn’t our competition. It is organised by The BCA (contact the chair here) and the Cartoon Museum UK (contact them here).My own understanding is that they do consider cartoons of all sorts provided they are supplied on paper for purposes of judging.

  4. Hi. Just wondering if a sort of comic strip coud be used for th under 18 category?

  5. Hi Thomas, I will try and find out for you.

    Matt – Ed.
  6. Thomas – we discourage strips mostly because we have so many entries careful consideration of a detailed and lengthy strip gets restricted by the time available – and every cartopon is looked at by all the judges. So if you must do a strip, make it 4 frames absolutely maxiumum. That help?Martin RowsonChairBritish Cartoonists Assoiciation

  7. Liz – our competition, our rules, to be blunt. That said, the chances of us noticing is remote if you’re really clever. The trouble is there’s too much scope for plagiarism in work produced on screen, and when we say “original” artwork, we mean that in every sense. Then again, if you’re frightened of getting messy, I suppose on screen colouring is sort of okay, though I think it’s good for your soul, if you can draw and paint, to get messy and avoid unnecessary technology getting between you and a piece of paper.Then again, I’m a hopeless old fart. Any subject matter, though. So long as it makes the judges laugh.

  8. does it have to make the judge laugh? does satire have to be the only form of politcal cartoon?!

  9. Rhi – don’t understand your point. Satirical cartoons are the least required to produce laughter, but presumably all cartoons fall under the heading of “humour” to a lesser or greater extent; otherwise it becomes an illustration competition,doesn’t it?

    On the digi-controversy, I’m going to seek a ruling from the other judges when we meet on 7 November. Too late for this year, but their decision will establish the parameters for next year’s competition. Happy now? No, didn’t think so…

  10. It’s not a cartoon competition, is it? It’s a cartoonist competition, so it would depend on your definition of cartoonist, which in some ways ought to be easier to defines than ‘cartoon’. 

    No doubt, the competition, it’s organisers and judges will have their own definition to suit its own agenda and rules. But my own would be that a cartoonist is someone who draws in a cartoon style, and that covers many more areas than humour alone. An illustrator covers many more styles, and there can certainly be a crossover between the two. 

    Semantics perhaps, but important to those who are directly affected, although it would appear that it’s all rather pointless in this instance. 
  11. Liz, Rhi. I do like the sense of humour in the demand for original artwork only and the regret expressed that entrants’ artwork will not be returned to the creator.It may be wise to use some unnecessary technology to scan the artwork so you can retain an inferior digital copy as the BCA seems intent on getting between you and your original piece of paper

  12. Ben Jennings treasure hunt is not very humourous. i see cartoons as visual journalism, conveying a range of subjects. some are political, some are observation etc. illustrations illustrate not convey.

  13. My submission is drawn on paper slightly wider than A4 (US letter 9″ 12″). Is this acceptable or shall I cut paper down to A4 size? Thanks

  14. Hi My 12 year old son Joseph Carroll entered the competition, and he is desperate to know if he has got through. When will you be notifying the successful candidates? Or can you tell me if he has been shortlisted?Debra

  15. Hi Debra, Thanks for your comment. I understand results are due for 7th December with winners notified a little in advance of that, so at least ten days to wait yet I think. I know the judges check in here though, so it may be you will get lucky and get some extra information. If I gather any I will post it here.
    Matthew Buck – Ed

  16. Thank you Matthew, I’ll pass on you message to Joseph

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