Cutting cartoons – the campaign

The PCO, the cartoonists organisation who run Bloghorn, are launching the ‘Cutting Cartoons’ campaign at this weekend’s Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. Many of the of the UK’s best cartoonists will be drawing their own ‘cutting cartoon’ for their campaign T-shirt over the next three days.

Cutting cartoons at the Bloghorn for the UK Professional Cartoonists Organisation. Artwork ©Pete Dredge

As well as future stunts challenging the loss of the cartooning from the UK print media, the campaign will develop long-term strategies to help creators of visual jokes assert their rights and also, encourage the growing digital media to use our trade and its skills.

The PCO have recently joined the Creators Rights Alliance and are also in discussion with the Association of Illustrators about collaboration in these areas.

If you or your organisation would like to be associated with us and our work, you can contact the PCO media team here.

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