Dr. Who materialises at The Cartoon Museum


This exhibition of original cover artwork is timed to coincide with the reissue of the iconic Target books. Featuring over 30 pieces, including the covers from six of the new reissues, this is the first time that the artwork has been publicly exhibited.

The Time Lord themed exhibition is a veritable who’s who of illustrating talent, including ten covers by Chris Achilleos from The Daleks through to Revenge of the Cybermen, five covers by Andrew Skilleter from Destiny of the Daleks through to The Mark of the Rani and other classic and well-loved original cover artwork by Roy Knipe, Jeff Cummins, and David McAlister.


‘Doctor Who: The Target Book Artwork’ runs until Sunday 15th May 2016.

More information about this and other exhibitions and events can be found here on the museum’s website.

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