Drawing in the air

February 20, 2013 in General, News


3Doodler from WobbleWorks @ procartoonists.org

Technology moves on all the time and there is no reason drawing shouldn’t be part of change. For evidence, the crowd sourced fundraising platform Kickstarter is currently hosting a novel adaptation of the 3D printing technology from a startup called WobbbleWorks. You can watch a short video about what their 3D pen can do below.

It looks fun.

7 responses to Drawing in the air

  1. Oh, dear! Not exactly the high tech it likes to proclaim itself as. With a tip that can reach 270 degrees Celsius, it’s a cross between a cake icer and a soldering iron, and for that reason, I’m out.  

  2. It’s sculptural cartooning. What is not to like*.

    • Rhetorical question
  3. No pressure sensitivity, no undo facility, and every chance of burning a hole clean through one’s flexor digitorum profundus. And yes, I do know what rhetorical means… 

  4. It’s a prototype Steve, like an idea drawing. Where you can explore the possibiities of something that might be new.

  5. If they have to tell you it’s not a toy, then it’s a toy, and a bloody dangerous one at that. It’s a gun that melts and squeezes quick-setting plastic so you can make pseudo matchstick models, Matt. 3D? So’s Meccano.

  6. Wouldn’t mind one though. Can you use the plastic again ?

  7. Optimist! 

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