Drawing new tricks

July 5, 2010 in General, News

Changes in technology shape the ways in which visual communication is made and here is an example of work created using an iPad and a ‘stick’ or, non-pressure sensitive stylus. The variation in line width, important to most high-quality visual creators, is achieved by varying settings inside the drawing application on the machine. Greatly improved user interfaces mean this is no longer the trial it once was. And of course, you can draw with your fingers too – if that’s what you’d prefer. Video spotted by The Surreal McCoy.

3 responses to Drawing new tricks

  1. It’s good. Once they sort out the pressure sensitivity thing, and put it in a pen (don’t think I’d like it in my finger), it’ll be great.

    Till then, it’s a toy, and not a tool that will replace the current options (still want one, though).

  2. This example just arrived by Dave Gibbons (thanks Dave). It’s a better example of how far you can push this sort of digital artwork

  3. Steve I agree it’s not a Wacom/Cintiq replacement yet, but I’m impressed with what it can do. Will be exciting to see where all this is taking us.

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