Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2022 – Pier Review

Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

Glenn Marshall writes:

Welcome to the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2022 photo gallery. We’re indebted to photographer Kasia Kowalska for capturing the live drawing event on the pier and many thanks also for the added contributions from other snappers.

Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

Boris Johnson joined us from one of his holidays for the traditional opening ‘March of the Cartoonists’ from Herne Bay clock tower to the pier. The procession is seen here led by the Herne Bay Town Crier Michael Britton with percussion provided by Tim Harries and Martin Rowson.

Photo by © Greg Davidson

Another photo from the Boris infested march.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska

Royston Robertson for Prime Minister – the campaign starts here….well that’s got to be a better choice than the current contenders.

Photo on the left by © Karol Steele, photo on the right by © Kasia Kowalska

Tim Harries scrums down at his big board.

Photo by © Laure Quesada

Chris Burke’s line work…


Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

…and Chris penciling himself into his own billboard-sized cartoon creation.

Photo on the left by © Karol Steele, photo on the right by © Kasia Kowalska

Jeremy Banx adding some finishing touchés before putting his head on a plate.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska, photo on the right by © Greg Davidson

Kathryn Lamb having to draw several thousand percent bigger than her regular pocket cartoons and on the right with Laure Quesada modelling the Kent County Council-baiting Andrew Birch festival poster T-shirt.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska

Des Buckley paints it black and his finished masterpiece on the right.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska

Clive Goddard with his chief colourist Amy Amani and the finished board….feel free to share on InstaFaceTok.

Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

The incredible draftsmanship of Dave Brown and Glenn Marshall…ahem.

Photo on the right by © Karol Steele

Dave Brown’s wonderful finished cartoon and Glenn Marshall with a finished line drawing (is it weird writing about yourself in the third person?)

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska

As we edge towards the total collapse of society and climate armageddon Martin Rowson finds something to smile about with another aquatic Boris.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska, photo on right by © Karol Steele

A hole lot of fun with James Mellor.

Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

Rob Murray with his finished cartoon. The outgoing PM featured heavily on the boards this year but none heavier than Rob’s beached whale.

Drawing by ©Tristan Colgate

A fine illustration completed at the event by online cartoon lover and sketchist Tristan Colgate, depicting (left to right) James Mellor, Martin Rowson, Dave Brown, Glenn Marshall and Rob Murray.

Photo on the left by © Kasia Kowalska, photo on the right by @Kate Leonard

Zoom Rockman with his 9.1% inflatable balloons (ah, I remember well those halcyon days when inflation was just 9.1%). Plus Zoom delivering his big board baby.

Photos by © Kasia Kowalska

Pete Dredge in caricature corner and two of his drawings for festival regulars Andy and Karol Steele.

Photo on the left by © Kasia Kowalska

Andy and Karol also got captured by caricature master Alex Hughes.

Photo on left by © Kasia Kowalska and on the right by © Laure Quesada

The Cruel Cartoonist AKA Andrew Birch entertained the public with his caustic creations.

Photos by © Kasia Kowalska

The day always ends crossing the line with a bit of horse play on the carousel. Here Tim Harries. Jeremy Banx, Des Buckley and Andrew Birch are seen jockeying for position.

Photo by © Kasia Kowalska

More runners and riders from the carousel photo finish including Royston Robertson, Martin Rowson, Chris Burke and is that Boris in the background again?

Thanks to everyone who put huge effort into staging the events again this year, especially festival director Sue Austen. Here’s hoping we’re back again next year to celebrate the Cartoon Festival’s 10th anniversary.

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