The fine art of comic-book lettering

February 16, 2009 in General


If you thought comic-book lettering was simply a case of putting words in a balloon, and maybe adding a BIFF! here and a POW! there, then think again. An article by Nate Piekos, entitled Comics grammar and tradition explains all.

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  1. Fascinating. As one who’s lettering’s always been naff, I can only stand open mouth at Mr Piekos’s mastery. My mouth gaped further at his website – a BA in Corporate Identity Design !? – and a rundown of how each strip is created – a different pen for each bit. A special one for commas, another for full – stops. Our geekthreaders should read this. Mind you, they’ll probably sniff the “been there, done that” sniff. Anyway, it made me feel more neanderthal than usual

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