Bottle Moments: Cartoons for Key Workers

June 3, 2020 in General, News

Rob Murray writes:

Six weeks ago, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the country on lockdown, I joined forces with psychologist and author Dr Kevin Dutton to launch Bottle Moments: a project using personalised cartoons to bring some much-needed joy — and to say ‘thank you’ — to frontline key workers.

Kev is a longstanding client of mine, with whom I have collaborated on several projects in the past (most notably illustrating some of his bestselling books, including The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success, co-written with Andy McNab).

No 34: “Giving my little niece, born just before lockdown, a big squeeze and telling my parents’ pup that he’s such a good boy” – George, NHS comms officer  

The idea for Bottle Moments is a simple one: we asked frontline key workers to contact us on social media and tell us about something that is getting them through this difficult time: a happy memory, an aspiration, or perhaps simply a special friend or relative they can’t wait to see again when this is all over. A moment they wish they could bottle and keep forever — something they think about to help them get through the tough times.

No 15: “Looking forward to cuddling this lovely fella, my Dad.” – Marion, general surgical nurse.

Key workers provide a photo or two for reference, and I bring their Bottle Moment to life as a quick cartoon, encapsulated in a bottle — which we then post on Instagram and Twitter.

The response has been incredible. Most importantly, the reaction of key workers themselves to the cartoons I’ve drawn for them has been wonderful — they have hugely appreciated the drawings and said they’ve brightened their days after a tough shift; some have even told us they’ve been moved to happy tears.

The media response has also been amazing. Amongst the highlights, Kev and I appeared on The Ian Collins Show on TalkRadio on 22nd May, and we were featured in the Daily Mirror on 28th (above).

But the biggest boost to our project came last Friday, when we were interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain (viewable here). Aside from giving us a platform to explain Bottle Moments to an enormous TV audience, the segment also featured two key workers being surprised with a cartoon I’d produced for them.

No 55:“I’m a key worker in a school and my wife works in mental health. We go to a lot of horror conventions which are stopped at present, including the Walking Dead convention. We’re looking forward to being back at these events.”  – Tim, school cleaner

Mental health was already a talking point before the pandemic, and lockdown has only increased people’s awareness of the need to hold onto positive memories and relationships. It’s also been very rewarding for me to see the positive impact a cartoon sketch can have on an individual.

So far I’ve drawn about 70 and counting — and we’re aiming to tackle as many as we can. Key workers can contact us with their requests via @BottleMoments on Twitter and Instagram, also using the hashtag #bottlemoments.

UPDATE: Anyone wanting to take part in the Bottle Moments ‘Draw Your Dream’ can find all the details here

25 responses to Bottle Moments: Cartoons for Key Workers

  1. Nice one, Rob. Good things there in bottles. Now that’s a cheering thought.

  2. Hi, I saw you on GMB this morning. I am ateacher and wondered how we enter the bottle competion please?ThanksSue Thomson

  3. Good morning.Where can we find the bottle templates please on the website? Really interested in doing this with my class. Thank you. 

  4. is there a template of the bottle for me to print outRegards Warren

  5. where can i download the templetes please

  6. Please send details of how children can enter as we would like to take part. Thank you.

  7. Hi I am a Vice Principal at a primary academy in Norfolk and we would love to promote the competition, but I can’t find a link to the bottles etc.Please can you point us in the right direction.Thanks

  8. Hey Rob, I’m a homeschooling mum of  3 , We saw Bottle Moments Competitions  on Good  Morning Britain, my children have informed their teachers and class of the competition but I cannot find the template and link for the comp. Please if you could post the link as I think it’s a wonderful idea for the children to all get involved.Kind RegardsMarie

  9. Hi, I saw you on GMB this morning. I am a teacher and wondered how we enter the bottle competition please?

  10. Where can we download the templates?

  11. This is brilliant!! Where can i find the templates please – we would love to do this with our residents at Lincoln Student Accommodation.

  12. Good Morning,I saw the bottle moment on Good Morning Britain this morning and thought it was a wonderful idea which i would like to do with my Special needs class.Please can you direct me to the template Many thanksRose

  13. As with many others on this thread, I saw you on GMB this morning and would love to do this with our school as part of our Wellbeing Wednesdays.Where can I download the templates or any further information?

  14. Hi I saw the bottle moments on GMB this morning please can i be sent the link for the competition.thanks tina

  15. Hi,Where do we find the template and the competition please? I’m a primary school teacher and would love to do this with my class.

  16. We are keyworkers in a large nursery school and we would like to download the template so that staff can draw in their bottles and we can display them in the entrance to the school to cheer everyone up!

  17. Good afternoonHope you are all well?I saw you on GMB this morning and was wondering how I obtain the Bottle Template please?Many thanks

  18. Saw you on TV this morning, please could you send me the link for the competition and template.Many thanks.

  19. Hi I am a secondary teacher, who saw your project on GMB this morning and would love to be able to set this up in the school as a competition – where can I find more information?Thank you 

  20. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

  21. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

  22. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

  23. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

  24. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

  25. I think this is what you’re after:

    Good luck with it,

    The PCO

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