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June 21, 2013 in General, Links, News


Tim Harries (right) signs one of his cartoon collections

Tim Harries, a member of and creator of the long-running comic strip Never Say Dai, was special guest at a cartooning and comic book fair in Newport last Saturday. Read more about the event here.

Two recently posted video clips see New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee discussing the element of design in gag cartoons, and the need to overcome rejection and generate ideas. Shortly after his presentation, Diffee also sat down for an interview with Forbes.

Head over to BBC iPlayer to learn more about the history and longevity of that notorious subversive, Mr Punch, in a half-hour programme from Radio 4 Extra.

A one-minute anti-war animation one-minute has been rediscovered, in which (an unauthorised) Mickey Mouse meets his fate in Vietnam. Watch the cartoon and read more at Cartoon Brew.

Finally, a pair of broadcast experts – veterans of Aardman Animations and the BBC – are looking to invest in new creative ideas. Read more here.

That’s the way to do it – Ed.

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  1. Have just been enjoying the excellent Never Say Dai strips posted up on Tim’s website. Brilliant stuff, the dozen or so I saw. Only another 4,400 left for me yet to see.

  2. Enjoyed the Matthew Diffee vids. Why are yanks so much better at this type of presentation? His experiences of working in the US gag cartoon market mirror the UK experience exactly.

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